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About Me

I am a Frontend Engineer specializing in ReactJS. Originally educated as a Mechanical Engineer (B.S.M.E. University of Akron, 2008), around 2016 I decided to change careers, and self-taught myself JavaScript/React/Node Software development. Following an internship, a contract gig, I was able to secure my first full time job as a Frontend Engineer at Findaway.

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I'm open to hearing about your project and how I can help bring it to fruition. From static websites to dynamic react applications, here are some technologies I am proficient in:

AWS Cognito, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, Apollo-Client, Axios, Expo, GraphQL, Prisma, REST APIs, React JS (Modern, Including Hooks), React-Native, Redux, redux-thunk, Sass, Styled Components, react-navigation, react-router

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For Fun

In my free time, I like to do yoga, run, snowboard, and play guitar. As a musician, I've recorded a couple originals, and I sing in an Alternative Rock Cover band for fun. I hope to do a lot more traveling once they get a vaccine figured out.