React Developer @ Findaway: Solon, OH

April 2019 - Present

Development at Findaway is segmented into 2 month cycles, split into “support”, or “new development”. I have supported multiple apps as well as built and deployed some apps from scratch. All the new development work have been create-react-app’s, while the support work has been mostly react along with some vanilla html/css. The new applications I have built relied on AWS Amplify and Cognito to manage authentication.



Integrated a 3rd party contract signature program into the the Voices UI. Maintaining, enhancing, and debugging the live application in an ongoing manner. Working closely with business stakeholders to realize new features and products.

Chaptering Tool

I built this internal tool to facilitate the collection of audiobook chapter metadata. This was one on of the "just figure it out" type projects where all I was given was a target data payload and nothing else. The layout, workflow, user conveniences, and validation were all developed as the code was being written. Given an API that could not be adjusted, I had to manage a lot of business logic and complex state transformation between the server data and that which the user manipulated in local state.

AWS Cognito Auth

Implemented Findaway's first instance of Amazon Web Services "Cognito" authentication service into a new React application. This work was then incorporated into our standard procedure for starting new applications. Which makes breaking ground on a new application significantly faster.

Tech Soup

React, Redux, GatsbyJS, Axios, Sass, react-router, AWS, AWS Cognito, React Hooks

React Native Developer @ Prefix'd: San Francisco, CA

October 2018 - December 2018

During my 8-week contract, I converted Sketch design wire-frames into JavaScript code for React-Native mobile screens, leveraged Redux Thunk and AJAX to implement CRUD/auth functionality in the components, and implemented mobile routing with react-navigation.


Delivered The Goods

Being that this was my first contract roll, I felt confident that I executed the job I was hired to do, the other engineers said they were pleased with the value I delivered, and enjoyed working with me.

Personal Growth

This was my first time participating in a formal engineering team as an engineer. I learned a lot about what needs to be communicated technically within a team, time estimation, code review, and teamwork (as it pertains to building software).

Tech Soup

React-Native, Redux, react-navigation, RESTful AJAX, Styled Components

Web Developer (Internship) @ MediaJel: Walnut Creek, CA

April 2018 - June 2018

I supported this early phase startup by building React components to consume the GraphQL backend the Lead Engineer was building, implemented 'react-google-maps' to display location markers, used Apollo Client to make GraphQL queries and mutations, and consumed and display product information.


Learned to Swim

This was my first software job. It was only a "per month" internship with a ticker-tape "contract". I got to work closely with two very accomplished developers and gain insight into a startup process. I learned a lot, as well as was made aware of the knowledge gaps I had that needed to be filled. My time here would help shape my entire learning trajectory and the technologies that I focused on moving forward.

Tech Soup

GraphQL, Apollo-Client, Prisma, react-google-maps, React, React-Native, Expo